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The photographer is able to stop time and make it eternal. A moment is captured in one snapshot, a moment in life, a small unrepeatable fraction of time that will never come back and that only in a photo continues to live..forever.. Images of the life of Nature that surrounds us, a dynamic moment becomes static, to stop a moment, a motion, a flight, transmit movement, the energy, the movement of that instant that the eye can’t perceive but the camera can stop… and make it eternal.

Moments is a collection of dynamic, quick and rapid shots that transmit energy, movement, action, and more. Moments is a representation of years of hiding, studying and waiting for a unique picture that must represent as best as possible what is happening in front of us, to give our subject emphasis to a unique and unrepeatable moment of his/her life, frozen in one instant.

WHEN: From April, 28th to May, 1st

WHERE: Villaggio espositivo Fiera del Birdwatching, Comacchio (Fe)

DELTA 2000 soc. cons. a r.l.
Strada Mezzano 10 – 44020 Ostellato (Fe)
Tel. 0039 0533 57693 – 4


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Comacchio (Fe)

This event finished on 01 May 2018.

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