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Food and wine experiences by Sea Ways

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Food and wine experiences to try and taste linked to the products of the Ferrara area!

Eels from Ferrara
The countryside around the city of Ferrara is a rich and beautiful land. In a historic family-run historic farm, you will discover a variety of caviar unique in the world. It comes from the sturgeon and is absolutely different, particular and refined because it is cooked, rare and hard to find. Let’s start the adventure! Cristina will tell several interesting stories about caviar and her fish. Starting from the origins: you will hear about Italian Renaissance, Jewish tradition, Italian poetry and much more. Cristina’s words will surely surprise you: she’s so passionate that you’ll believe you’re in another era! Have you ever dreamed of a new life experience? Well, here you are! You will have the opportunity to prepare caviar: its recipe is secret and nobody in the world knows it, except Cristina! You will have the rare opportunity to extract caviar eggs from fish: a unique and exciting experience! What a wonderful conclusion! You will end the experience with a unique and sophisticated lunch based on caviar and sturgeon: caviar, smoked sturgeon, raw sturgeon, marinated, sturgeon, spaghetti with sour cream and caviar. Complete your explosion of flavors with a dessert and a local and traditional wine!

WHERE: Portomaggiore (Fe)

Coffee and traditions
In collaboration with Caffè Penazzi you will be amazed by an unexpected and wonderful experience. The
coffee, produced here, has been awarded as one of the best in Italy. You will live an adventure passing
through stories, traditions, emotions, roasting of coffee beans and you will end up with a tasting experience. How to start a wonderful journey in the best way if not visiting an Italian coffee factory in the city of Ferrara? Alberto, the coffee producer, will teach you all the stories, legends, techniques and steps to get coffee. You will also visit a museum dedicated to a collection of coffeemakers created by Alberto! Get ready to embark on an unprecedented marvelous and amazing experience. At Caffè Penazzi you will see the coffee beans drying. It is a very precise process that Alberto will explain and show to you. Have fun and smell the unique scent of coffee! As a perfect end to a trip through one of the best Italian coffees, you will have the opportunity to taste this product. You will love the “Espresso” that will be served with some sweets from Ferrara! You will appreciate so much the experience that in the end you will not be able to think of living without this product!

WHERE: Ferrara

Sturgeon and its caviar
The countryside around Ferrara city is a rich and beautifu l land. In an ancient, historica l family-run farm, you will discover a unique in the world variety of caviar. It comes from the sturgeon and it is absolutely different, peculiar and fine because it is rare and hard to find. Let’s start the adventure! Cristina will tell several interesting stories about caviar and its fish. Starting from the origins, you will
hear about italian Reinassence, Jewish tradition, Italian poetry and much more. Cristina’s words will definitely amaze you. She is so passionate that you will believe to be in another epoque! Have you ever dreamed a new life experience? Well, here you are! You will have the opportunity to make the caviar preparation: its recipe is secret and nobody in the world knows it, except Cristina! You will have the rare possibility to extract caviar eggs from the fish: a unique and emotional experience! What a marvellous end! You will finish the experience with a unique and sophisticated lunch based on caviar and sturgeon:
caviar, smoked sturgeon, raw sturgeon, marinated, sturgeon, spaghetti with acid cream and caviar. You will complete your explosion of flavours with a dessert and with a local and traditional wine!

WHERE: Portomaggiore (Fe)

Heart of garlic
Ferrara is the homeland of a type of garlic that will be unforgettable thanks to this experience. This will
bring you to know all its secrets, its history and its unmistakable parfume. Each detail will enter your heart, will fascinate your eyes and will conquer your soul, in an unforgettable multisensory excurus. Welcome to a garlic packaging factory in Ferrara! A unique and excellent product in these lands! To start the adventure you will be able to observe how it is treated and afterwards packaged! You will, so, learn many secrets from the manufacturing for an unedited experience! An ancient tradition but still alive today! The braid of garlic! And what is even more stimulating is that you will make it! No fear! You will be guided by precious indications and you will experience the whole Ferrarese tradition! And be careful do not get too excited about the smell of garlic! Who would not want to test a unique product from Ferrara in the kitchen? An ingredient that can make every dish worthier than ever. A classy touch if combined with different and sublime dishes… But especially with italian bruschette! So have a good preparation and taste the garlic!

WHERE: Voghiera (Fe)

Desserts from Ferrara
Experience the great world of tradition with typical confectionery products from Ferrara. You will be immersed in nature while you will have the opportunity to admire, to prepare with your own hands and pure ingredients and to taste at the end! Everything will be perfect, traditional and breathtaking. In a beautiful farmhouse in the Ferrara countryside you can visit a special and rare domestic zoo with some unusual animals. Get in touch with a relaxed atmosphere, nature and animals to visit a beautiful area. Enjoy the experience to the fullest! Have you ever cooked a sweet and tender dessert with an original recipe from Ferrara? Continuing with the experience you will be presented with unprecedented field work. Put your hands in the flour, eggs, chocolate, almonds and prepare the dessert only with traditional recipes. Soon you will become a master of sweets! A tasting experience at the end. A selection of original Ferrara sweets. You’ll like tenerina, donut otherwise known as “brazadela”, a cake with crispy dough on top, mandolin from the bridge (biscuit cake), and the famous English soup!

WHERE: Ferrara

Pasta and traditions
In a magical farmhouse, surrounded by greenery, in contact with the nature, you will live an unforgettable experience! A path full of traditions, which have to be kept still alive! You will hear about vicissitudes and stories, you will create your own homemade pasta and a tasting experience to finish!
What is better than a farm, relax and so much nature? Very close to Ferrara, you will have the chance to observe rare and incredible places and animals. You will be guided along a zootechnical park where you will meet original animals like emus, skunks, awls, lamas and Prairie dogs. A form of art, now forgotten: making homemade pasta! Traditions are still very important in Italy and still precious! You will learn, how to work with genuine andabsolutely top quality ingredients to make fresh pasta! Cappelletti, tagliatelle, cappellacci! It will be a real success! And how to end a wonderful and maravellous journey if not with a fresh pasta tasting? With an irresistible and unmistakable flavor, it will get awaken your taste buds! Accompanied by traditional sauces, pasta will be offered in different variations.

WHERE: Ferrara

Frogs and their experiences
Collaborating with the frog fair in the wonderful countryside near Ferrara, you will explore and learn a lot more about a different and unusual product. The Frog! These amphibians have so many features and qualities that you will end up worshiping them and they will be even better in the kitchen! Welcome to Marrara, the most famous place in Ferrara where frogs are eaten! A traditional space in the countryside and in nature where you can see how the frogs are treated and finally cooked. You immerse yourself in the traditions and you will be guided by experts who have been working on this product for many years! The second part of the experience will be even more special! You will cook the frog. You will only have to follow the advice of the experts and the result will be absolutely incredible! You will cook mainly fried frogs. So put your hands in some flour, take a frog, dip it and fry it and enjoy the process! The experience is almost over but you can not greet the frogs without having tasted them! Frogs fresh and cooked in many different ways. There will be a selection of frogs as an appetizer, followed by a special risotto made with frogs, “stewed” frogs, then you will continue to taste other different and delicious traditional dishes.

WHERE: Ferrara

Salama da sugo
Salama da sugo, is a round, bug, savory, salami usually cooked for 2 hours. Special and only producted in Ferrara, absolutely PGI, it has a long and curious history. You will live a whole experience to know this succulent product with a magic heart: starting from its ancient history, passing through its preparation and finishing with a tasting experience! What an ancien history! Yes, because salama da sugo was born many years ago thanks to an old recipe. You will get to know the history and its char acteristics thanks to an interesting tour. You will enter the church where its receipe was left many ages ago! You will know secrets and cenral ingredients of this legendary product! And now a very interesting and new experience! Edoardo, a butcher, will show you many different phases of the production. You will learn many secrets and you will have the chance to make a salama with your hands. At the end, if you want, bring your salama home. For an absolute perfect conclusion, you will enjoy and live a wonderful and
sensational experience. You will taste a unique selection of “salama da sugo”. Usually cooked and
served with smashed potatoes. The result will be anincredible contrast between light and strong

WHERE: Formignana (Ferrara)

Tastes from the sand
In collaboration with Mirco Mariotti farm, in the heart of the wines territory in Ferrara, we offer an experience of full immersion in the world of wines. You will know the history of the product before reaching our tables: starting from harvesting and the processes up to its use in the kitchen. A walk in the company of Mirco, through his vineyardsdiscovering that every season is related to a human activity: the period of pruning, where man shapes his shoots, the harvest, a moment when nature thanks humans with sweet fruit. Discover this beautiful nature! Do you dream a Winemaster experience? Have you ever wanted to see how wine is produced? Today you can, through a visit to some cellars and the laboratory, discover all the secrets of the wines from the sands, typical of Ferrara city: history, processing, production, benefits and curiosity. Enoliths have a long and forgotten tradition in time. In the production process different plants are macerated together to create a unique product! During this experience, you can choose your favourite plants, macerate them and finally bring home your wine, completely customized! To end this day in beauty and in complete harmony, you can taste a selection of 4 wines: a red Duna della Puia, a sparkling Rosé Sèt e Mèz, a white Passo Morgone Sauvignon and a sparkling red Fortana dell’Emilia, with some appetizers and typical local products!

WHERE: Consandolo – Argenta (Ferrara)

Secrets of the truffle
Truffle is one of the richest product in the world. Precious like a gem, it is coltivated only in natural and pure enviorments. At “Le Occare” farmhouse there are different and amazing varieties. From the white one “Bianchetto” to the dark one. You will assist to several experiences: from the truffle collection to a rich lunch! What a parfum and taste! Truffle is the king of sublime products! To start with the right foot you will have the chance to visit a wonderful micorized forest created by Cristina and her family. Unique experience and the added value would be to hear some fascinating stories and myth about truffles. Collecting truffles? One of the magnificent parts of working with truffles is to get them with enthusiasmatic dogs. They will look for your treasure and they will bring it to you! Truffles drive dogs crazy! An amazing experience full of emotionsaccompanied by 5 truffles dogs in the forest. To end with a blast you are invited to take part into a delicious and dainty tasting adventure of several dishes based on truffles. You will taste them depending on the season. Cristina will cook different special dishes: among those tagliatelle with truffle or special eggs with truffle flakes!

WHERE: Ferrara


WHEN: Everyday with mandatory booking and 2 days notice

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