International Birdwatching Fair – POSTPONED TO 2022


The COVID-19 emergency and the virus containment measures issued in recent days, do not allow the organization of the Fair to proceed.
The Promoting Committee decided to postpone to 2022


The International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair in Comacchio, Po Delta Park, now in its 10th edition, is the only specific and professional event held in Italy dedicated to birdwatching, wildlife photography and environmental tourism, internationally second only to the British Birdwatching Fair.

It is an important happening that takes place in the heart of Po Delta Park, representing the only Country Event that links professionals and experts to environment, biodiversity and tourism in an area exceptionally rich in bird life and naturalistic, historical and cultural heritage.

The 2020 exhibition, renewed in each edition, will see important novelties: exhibition spaces set up between Palazzo Bellini and Argine Fattibello, close to Comacchio historic centre, with “hotspots” dedicated to new photographic techniques and to bird life observation, erected directly in Comacchio Valleys, to field test the optical and photographic products and instruments latest novelties. The new edition will allow to bring the public closer to the environment and visitors will have to opportunity to learn about new photographic techniques, to practice birdwatching with the proper equipment and to live unique experiences related to environmental tourism, a trend that is constantly growing compared to traditional tourism.

An event not to be missed dedicated to all lovers of nature and wildlife photography, birdwatching, slow and nature-based tourism, sustainable tourism and biodiversity!

Information about the fair

Location: Comacchio (Fe). Exhibition Village from the courtyard of Palazzo Bellini to the Argine Fattibello, Comacchio – FE, in Po Delta Park
Profile data: professional fair open to the public
Opening times: 10.00 am – 7.00 pm
Services: Press office, lectures rooms, workshop rooms, conference rooms, security, bar and restaurant service, no stop shuttle connection between the Exhibition Village, Foce Valli di Comacchio Station and Manifattura dei Marinati
Exhibitors: 100
Visitors: 25.000

Why birdwatching?

Birdwatching is the practice of observing birds in their natural environment, equipped with binoculars or sometimes with the naked eye and it is a passion not only for specialists, but also for adults and children. Birdwatching is passion, but it also has an economic impact that becomes an engine for tourism development: in England the birdwatchers are more than two
million, about the 6% of the population. Even if Italy does not have English numbers, birdwatching can be a driving force for the economy of areas such as the Po Delta Region and many other smaller wetlands or fascinating places, where birdwatching can be practised. In northern European countries there is no hotel, B&B or other tourist facility that does not have a birdwatching corner.

Birdwatching Fair in Po Delta Park has been helping to spread and disseminate the practice of birdwatching together with slow tourism practices (biking, walking, boat), with the aim of creating new income opportunities for tourism-related companies all year round and, at the same time, to raise public awareness on biodiversity and consciousness and respect of the surrounding environment.

Why exhibit and who exhibits

The International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair, hosted in Po Delta Park fascinating scenery, aims to meet the above-mentioned goals together with exhibitors through a perfect marriage: corporate marketing marries environmental biodiversity.

The International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair is open to the following categories of exhibitors: birding optics and accessories, photography, instrumentation and support equipment for birdwatching and nature photography, Tour Operators, birding trips, natural tourism, slow tourism and other products and services for naturalists, nature and biodiversity conservation, specialized publishers, sportswear, environmental education, Italian and foreign Parks and Reserves, institutions and associations, Municipalities, Provinces and Regions, with a space dedicated to biodiversity and Unesco – Man and Biosphere MAB Reserves.

The Exhibition Village is characterized by a path dedicated to 3 MACRO-AREAS of Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism.

Exhibitors’ optical and photography instruments can be tested directly on turrets, observation points, and “ad hoc” settings (e.g. fishing shacks) located in Comacchio Valleys

Birdwatching and Biodiversity:
– An exhibition hall exclusively dedicated to the observation of avifauna where associations, industry leaders and institutions get together and meet the public to show how to be “biodiverse” in everyday life respecting nature and human beings;
– Birdgardening, the most specific and within everybody’s grasp way to bring young people and children closer to nature and bird life protection starting from their homes: laboratories and practical activities for adults, children and teenagers to
create the “bird house” on windowsills and gardens;
– Birdwatching lessons in Po Delta sites with the best birdwatching and environmental guides in collaboration with professional companies, the best photography brands and associations.

– An exhibition hall entirely dedicated to professional photography characterized by the high specialization and quality of equipment and instruments presented at the International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair by the leading companies in the sector to develop and improve the culture of photography;
– Photo safari in the most interesting sites of Po Delta Park and photography theoretical lessons during the entire duration of the exhibition;
– Internationally renowned exhibitions of nature photography in collaboration with specialized magazines, associations and bird life conservation and nature organizations.

SLOW TOURISM: equipment for cycling tourism, river tourism, birdwatching, nature tourism and sports tourism;
– News 2020 ACCESSIBLE TOURISM and HOSPITALITY: discussion of good practices about accessible tourism and presentation of proposals FOR EVERYONE for sustainable tourism policies and programs;
B2B: tourism enterprises meet national and international Tour Operators and travel agencies specialized in Nature, Outdoor and Birdwatching trips and travels.

– Special exhibition areas dedicated to national and international MAB Reserves (Man and Biosphere UNESCO), Parks, Associations and Institutions characterized by the high visible efforts and commitment to supporting the values ​​of biodiversity and sustainable tourism. News 2020: debates and workshops organized in collaboration with UNESCO MAB Reserves related to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals within 2030.
– News 2020: FOCUS ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND PROTECTED AREAS MANAGEMENT: a program of discussions and debate on climate change and environmental and territorial management in protected areas.

Why should you visit the Fair

The International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair in Comacchio is the only specific and professional Country Event in Italy, where visitors have the opportunity to meet companies, test the equipment and find out offers on international nature destinations while staying in the heart of Po Delta Park, with its priceless natural heritage to be discovered on foot, by boat, by
bicycle, taking advantage of the numerous initiatives and opportunities organized as a corollary of the exhibition. To personally test the equipment needed to make the journey (binoculars, telescopes, outdoor clothing, bicycles, eco-friendly boats, etc.), becomes a direct and experiential “immersive” journey: BE at the International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair to live the nature and meet the experts who take care of nature and the environment in the name of biodiversity, from protection to fruition to guarantee a common commitment to sustainable development.

Related events

Conferences, conventions, seminars, lectures, workshops: the exhibition program will be organized in collaboration with partners, sponsors, exhibitors and high-level scientific bodies.
News 2020: an international conference in collaboration with UNESCO Biosphere Reserves on the topics of Climate Change, environmental management, 2030 goals, etc., promoted by Po Delta Park Authority. International seminar on accessible hospitality, promoted by DELTA 2000 within the contest of the Italy-Croatia Tourism4All project.

Nature photography festival, DeltainFocus photo contest, photographic exhibitions organized in collaboration with nature photography national associations and nationally and internationally famous nature photographers.
News 2020: Video clip and nature festival. A 4-days festival dedicated to video clip with nature sounds and a special evening dedicated to an internationally acclaimed group, that will present sound works based exclusively on the sounds of nature recorded in Po Delta environment and collected in an innovative music album.

Numerous activities will be organized by tour operators during the event: meetings, walking tours, boat excursions, bike excursions, horseback riding, educational workshops for families with children, wine and food tastings, sports meet and much more.
The calendar of events will be planned in collaboration with local private and public tour operators through the proposal of itineraries, visits and excursions. The activities will be characterized by:
– Events that will take place in Po Delta Park and its surroundings, coordinated by Local Authorities, Provinces or Po Delta Park management bodies;
– Initiatives proposed by local tour operators, associations and visitor centres working both individually and in collaboration. The spectra of activities organized during the International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair represent the whole tourist offers and facilities of Po Delta Park territories;
– Innovative proposals by tour operators and/or institutions organized specifically for the International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair;
– Activities to enrich the general offer or to make the calendar exhaustive in terms of recommended locations and products, as free excursions, educational workshops, nature photography laboratories;
– Proposals for internationally renowned events as exhibitions, conferences and competitions
related to nature photography and birdwatching.

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