On the waters of the Mill on the Po

River excursion from Ferrara, through the basin of navigation of Pontelagoscuro, at the Po Grande, retracing the historical journey of the protagonist of the novel by R. Bacchelli, between Anse Sandy and Pioppeti, until you reach the mill of the Po di Ro.

Crociera a Venezia

Cruise to Venice

River cruise in the wake of the routes of the Barcari, also known as Gypsies, who transported the goods from the historical center of Ferrara to Piazza San Marco in Venice, between rivers, Delta, canals and lagoon. Picnic Park and visit to the naturalistic oasis of Panarella.

In fattoria da zia Isa sul Po di Volano

On the farm by Zia Isa

Excursion along the Po di Volano from the center of Ferrara, an ancient road traveled by the burci who transported the products of the land, including villages, bell towers, cultivated fields, and herons, up to the farm of Zia Isa, immersed in the quiet countryside on the river bank . Visit to the animals and […]